Happy New Year to Meeee.

Sing it with me now...

Happy Birthday to you (cha cha cha chahhh!)

Yes, I am counting down the wee hours before I turn (dare I say it?) 33 tomorrow.


Holy cow. Is it that time again already? It seems like only... well, just a few days ago actually, that I was sitting comfortably in 2007.

Well it's here now. No point in trying to shake it off.

So what's going to make this year any better (or worse) than last year?

Energy. Focus. Determination.

Or a lack thereof.

This year, I'm being selfish and spending the morning doing some annual planning. Planning for goals, achievements, new projects, Joint Ventures and let us not forget making time for family and friends.

This year is going to be explosive for me. Heck, it already HAS been explosive, and I'm only 4 days into 2008... and not officially into MY new year yet!

Here's a peek at some of the stuff I'm involved with already:

  • A couple of JV partnerships for some Internet-related projects.
  • The Launch of HomePartySolution.com and the PartyOn! Newsletter
  • One of the Top 100 Authors in the Network Marketing category for E-zine Articles
  • Still actively involved in my Direct Sales companies (yes, I run more than one!)
  • Still actively training new recruits in my Direct Sales Companies
  • Still actively promoting leaders in my Direct Sales Companies
  • Revamping the website and product line for the giving candle
  • Finagling the website for my pals over at Vertigo Theatrics
  • Directing the female voices of the Genesee Valley Choral Company
  • Posting this Blog
  • Recording a new CD - that may never get done!
  • Home schooling my oldest
  • taking care of baby
  • Did I mention our new old house?
  • What? Isn't that enough for you? Wow. Tough Crowd!
So I obviously need to prioritize, because NOWHERE in that list, did you see my husband, or the most important objective in my life: My walk with Christ. For all the horn blowing and busy work that goes on in my daily life, it is those two things that are truly the most memorable and remarkable relationships I have. Plus my friends and family...

I'm so GLAD I don't have any pets - when would I find the time?

So anyway, as my year dwindles down to the final hours. Welcome to the new Blog. What are your priorities for this year? I'd love to have you share them - even if it's August when you read this post.