Time for success?

In my last post I talked about how you've got to invest SOMETHING in your business if you want to see success.

Perhaps the BIGGEST issue I hear is the one of time.

We all know we have only 24 hours in a day.

So it's not a matter of time - we've all got the same amount.

It's a matter of priority, and clarity.

My husband and I go around on this topic regularly. I want him to mow the lawn, for example, and he wants to watch the Lions play football.

Don't get me started on the Lions. He's a die-hard fan and has been for decades. Our wedding colors wre blue and silver.

So when Sunday rolls around and the lawn's still not cut and he's watching TV, he looks at me and says "Honey, I just didn't have time this week."

BZZZZZT Wrong answer.

He CHOSE the Lions over the lawn. I can't say that I blame him, entirely. I'd rather sit in a warm room in front of a TV on a cold October day, too. Okay, I'd rather read or "hang out" on twitter, but you get the idea.

His priorities are such that Football is more important than the lawn.

My priorities are such that he is more important than football or the lawn. So I let him watch his football, and then point him in the direction of the lawnmower.

I'm telling the truth in love here.

And the road runs in both directions. There are times when I'm finishing up an email or talking with a client when it's dinner time.

It's all about priorities.

If you want to have success in anything - goal achievement, personal success, business success, relationships, etc. - you have to make it a priority.

Most people can't juggle 75 priorities. Something gets dropped.

This is where clarity comes in.
It's critical that you gain absolute clarity about what's important to you. Clarity on what your utmost priorities are.

Is your success part of that picture? If it's not, don't complain about not having the time. You've ranked your priorities.

And if something is so important you WANT to make it a priority, but you don't know how?

Figure out what gets cut.

Something has to give. You can't be all things to all people at all times.

Maybe you get less sleep. Maybe you spend less tim at the gym. Maybe you work while you're in line at the drive thru at the bank. Perhaps you delegate some activities to an assistant or high school kid that you can pay a few bucks to handle.

I've never yet met a person that could't re-arrange their priorities to accomplish something if they TRULY wanted to make it happen.

In fact, we're more likely to have too much time on our hands that we're wasting, than not enough time to achieve our goals.

I know. Them's fightin' words to many moms.

Sometimes, though, success means sacrifice. Sacrifice doesn't mean killing yourself to make something happen - it means relinquishing something of value, so that you can gain something else of greater value.

Which, when you think about it that way, isn't really a sacrifice, is it?