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But anyone in the market for improving themselves with free and useful internet resources may find this helpful.

I have a couple of links today that will help you get things cookin'. The first is for a teleconference hosted by Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham, giants in the internet marketing and marketing worlds respectively. Jay and Rich are talking about what it takes to make yourself a "maven" in your marketing niche. I registered for this call already, and it might be worth your time to check it out, too. Normally, I don't recommend something until I've actually USED it, but because the timeframe on this call is so short (and it's free information), I figured I'd post the link here:

Becoming a Maven in Your Market teleconference call details

Second, I have been working through one of those "transformation" type programs. David Neagle (pronounced like Bagel, not Beagle) It's a 4 hour coaching session (broken into 4 segments) called The Art of Success. David's approach is not a bunch of hooey or "woo woo". These are practical, logical approaches to help uncover your stumbling blocks and help you move to success more rapidly in whatever you're seeking to accomplish. The interactive workbook style program is effective and doesn't take a long time to complete. LOTS to think about.

PLUS, David's offering for a limited time, his Just Believe program is being given away - and it's a nearly $200 CD program. Plus you'll get a comprehensive business evaluation at no charge as well.

I just went through David's Biz eval in January, and Monaica was AWESOME to talk with. She offered real-world suggestions and insights into exploding my income this year. Can you tell I'm a little excited? Okay. I'm a LOT excited about how this program is already transforming me - and YOU get it for FREE for a limited time.

Lucky Dogs!

Yes, these are all free links. I'm filing them under USEFUL and Free for ya. Enjoy!